North Georgia Rangers Baseball Club is lucky to have Mr. Howie McCann volunteer time to review course programs and offer guidance and input.

Mr. McCann has coached baseball for 30+ years, and is the Founder of the Windward Baseball Academy. For references on results of his baseball coaching abilities, see exhibit A.

Mr. McCann volunteers his time, resources and knowledge out of his passion for baseball, and the development of young players who are emotionally mature with solid fundamentals, both on and off the field.

I have watched the Rangers Baseball Club for awhile now, and love the focus they put on fundamentals and attitude. Windward Baseball is more than happy to partner to provide guidance and resources for these young men and women.

howie mccann, windward baseball

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Head instructor 

North Georgia Rangers Baseball Club is led by Robert Shoe. Robert is a Head Coach in the Hopewell Youth Baseball League, which plays out of Bell Memorial Park. He is assisted by a cadre of players and coaches all with a passion for baseball.

Mr. Shoe has coached baseball for over a decade in the Metro Atlanta area, at all levels of play, from recreational to high-level travel teams. Robert is also the Founder of local non-profit, the Social Shepherd Foundation.

Mr. Shoe is a father, lifelong baseball player, former Army Ranger and an Olympic Level martial artist. 

I love the time I get to spend with these young players... nothing drives me more than to see someone be more successful than they ever thought they could be.

Robert Shoe, Head Coach

CO-Head instructor 

North Georgia Rangers Baseball Club is co-led by Charly "Bubba" Beasley. Bubba  has been a coach in many leagues, including the Hopewell Youth Baseball League, which plays out of Bell Memorial Park

Mr. Beasley has played and  coached baseball for over thirty years. Mr. Beasley was a prospect for the Pittsburgh Pirates while in high-school, but focused on football. Bubba played Quarterback at Tennessee-Martin College, and played football professionally in Europe for 2 years.

Mr. Beasley is a father, lifelong athlete, and also won MVP in the Little League World Series in his younger days.  

I believe baseball is something to be loved. I value the time I get to spend building better people and baseball players.  Baseball should be an essential part of childhood.  It demands kids to learn team mentality, respect and accountability to both self and team.  

Bubba Beasley, CO-Head Instructor

 training Advisor

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North Georgia Rangers Baseball Club speed and agility and other athleitc programs are designed in conjunction with Mr. Eric Dorsey, and 258 Sports.

Eric Dorsey II was the General Manager and Head Coach of the York Capitals. Prior to joining the Capitals, Dorsey II was a stellar player and coach during his football career with both the Indoor (IGL) and Outdoor (IFL) Delaware Buccaneers teams, winning a championship in his first year as the Buccaneers Head Coach.


258 Sports was formed on the idea that elite athletes are coached up and trained properly. Their mission is to push the limits of what is expected in sports performance through innovation, development and top notch training where you will prepare to be elevated to the top of your chosen sport in all aspects.

Here at 258 Sports, WE LOVE TO COACH AND LIVE TO TRAIN! With 15+ years of playing and coaching experience, the staff at 258 Sports has coached and trained hundreds of High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes.

Eric dorsey, Founder, 258 Sports



Our players play in many leagues, across many different districts, and we utilize coaching specialist for hitting, pitching, etc.. If you are interested in joining a team or getting specialized, individual instruction, we are happy to help you figure it all out.