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Leadership. will. teamwork.


North Georgia Rangers Baseball Club is not a team... we are a free to join, not-for-profit group of volunteer players & coaches with a passion for baseball. We offer programs to help young players develop the highest standards of competitiveness, team-work, confidence and sportsmanship.

Our goal is the development of young players who have high self-confidence, great skills and a winning mindset. Our programs are designed for youth players that have a desire to become better baseball players. This is NOT a travel baseball team, this is a development club for purpose-driven baseball players.


These players then play on teams in their own communities, at their schools, in local baseball leagues, etc., demonstrating the will & skill developed as a member of the Ranger Baseball Club.


We offer low-cost (or free), speed & agility & baseball development programs to augment players normal baseball seasons. We recognize the need for quality, caring and competent coaching outside of the insane Travel Baseball culture that has developed over the last decade.

We also provide FREE baseball training and league involvement for at-need players through our partnership with Social Shepherd Foundation. 


If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact us.

OUR Programs

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Winter Training 

This program is designed to prepare players for upcoming Spring/Summer baseball seasons.


A focus on core conditioning and explosiveness is part of the training.

Ages 10-14u


Join a League

Our players play in many leagues, across many different districts, and we utilize coaching specialist for hitting, pitching, etc.. If you are interested in joining a team or getting specialized, individual instruction, we are happy to help you figure it all out.



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